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"You have to create yourself"

Entertainment: Nomi competes in the talent show Self Made.

Art, stories and butterflies. Now, Nomi has full focus on the music and her participating in Self Made.
– You have to create yourself, just like many other artists, Nomi says.

Self Made is a digital talentshow you can watch on channel 5 (Sweden), Dplay or on the website. Nomi Bontegard from Axvall has early passed her audition and is one of 21 talents that will pass on to the developement stage. 

No Jury

Unlike other talent and music shows, like Idol for exampe, Selfmade has no jury. Instead the participants must work hard to gather votes from a fanbase they build up theirselves. mot till exempel Idol finns det ingen jury, utan deltagarna måste jobba järnet för att ragga ihop tittarnas röster. Sociala medier spelar en stor roll.


– Artists like Zara Larsson and Justin Bieber has been active at social medias, which has allowed their music to come out, said Nomi.

– Nowadays you have to show the labels that you can market yourself before someone else does it for you. It's tuff, but you learn a lot.

Nomi Bontegard went to a music production school in Sweden, but she switched to an animal education instead. 

– I went through a sad period, my horse died among other things, so an animal school felt right at that time.

Nature girl

At the education, the students were outside a lot, which gave Nomi inspiration to paint, write books and songs. She also raises butterflies, night moths, which may sound a bit scary.

– But the butterflies I breed is furry. If you zoom in, they've got beautiful colours. If you could enlarge them I would gladly have one to fly on, haha. 

Do you get butterflies in the stomach when you perform?

– Well, it makes me feel safe then, haha. But no, there are no butterflies that worries me, I get happy and excited butterflies in my stomach.

– Self made is a funny competition, you meet others that work with music, and you never know, it can give you contacts and more opportunities.

How do you wanna describe your songs?

– I like club music, that's the kind of music I write myself too. I want them to be swingy, but also touching.
My music is based om my life.

Live broadcast finals

In the end of May there will be a live performance final at Gröna Lund in Stockholm.

The winner will go home with 25 000 dollars and a record contract.

The manager of Avicii

Behind Self Made stands Ash Pournori, who's been manager to the superstar Tim ”Avicii” Bergling.

– Ash och Avicii are thinking in the right way with music, it all should surround a company idéa, says Nomi. You shall know what it is about when you hear the word Avicii. In the same way I want people to know what it all is about then they hear "NOMI" I want a Nomi-sound.

Interview by:
Linus Wennblom

Ponytail ♥

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Bomber Jacket
Hi! ♥ I took some photos today. And as you see, my awful selfmade haircut wasn't that bad after all haha. Here's my vlog for you who haven't seen it: FUZZY BANG
So, I found this cosy bomber jacket in my mom's wardrobe and I fell in love and wanted to write about it.
This is a smart bomber jacket from H&M. Inside, out. You can use both the inside and the outside of the jacket as a motive and that is veerry nice. That gives me a chance to mix my jacket with more colors.
If I feel like I wanna be colourful one day I can use the colourful inside. Or if I feel like I wanna have more natural colors one day I can just turn it inside, out and then I'll have this beige/pink look ♥


These little earrings remind me of small little earth globes. I took some photos with them for my mom's friend who makes those herself. Very cute
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